In 1945

In 1945 a limited company was created with the name of Ets CHEVALLIER "Le Rivet Fore" with the purpose of machining and manufacturing rivets in all metals.
Headquarters and workshop were located 27, Rue des vines CROSNE in fact the basement of Mr. Chevallier house's.
Manufacturing was to drill a hole in the barrel of brass and copper solid rivets, sourced from a manufacturer of non-ferrous rivets. These rivets were mainly used for fixing brake lining on the cars' brake jaws.
3 people, were working on a specially adapted drill and they produce about 2500 pieces per day.
These rivets were sold in the wholesale channel, generally suppliers for automotive, supplying themself own garages.
In complement to "semi tubular rivets", ​​it was sold in the state of aluminium and coper solid rivets in for the use.

In 1949

In 1949, after the recrutment of 6 personns, the company moved into a small workshop, located in Villeneuve St Georges, 6 impasse Boildieu.

In 1951

There were 15 drilling machines and solid rivets trading followed the same rhythm.

In 1953

To facilitate commercialization of products, a shop was opened in Paris, at 83 Boulevard Beaumarchais (near "Bastille"), place of most bolts and screws ' manufacturers at this time.
Administrative offices, stores, stock were installed which helped the expansion of the plant.

In response to marketing efforts in 1955, it was purchased and put into production a cold striking press to manufacture solid rivets, which were used as draft, semi tubular rivets, providing flexibility, better quality and more competitive prices.

In 1962

In 1962, the first machine to manufacture semi tubular rivets was directly imported from the USA, regularly followed by other acquisitions and manual drilling was definitively stopped.

With the production capacity increasing and the development of solid and tubes'rivets trading, it was decided in 1970 to combine workshop of Villeneuve St Georges and shop and offices in Paris, in a new factory situated in ZI, at Epinay S/Senart, near Paris.

On 5000 m2 of land, a building of 1000 m2 was built, expanded steadily to reach the present surface of 2500 m2.
The number of machines increased steadily, the range of customers through widening access to other markets, automotive, appliances, metal furniture and any industries that use rivets as a means of assembly.

This new location allowed to fit out a tool shop for internal use.
Trading represents currently around 10% of sales in the form of tubes rivets, all other products are made on the basis of the raw material with a fleet of 15 production machines able to produce approximately 1.5 million pieces per day.

Production line is drilled rivets in all metals, solid rivets, various axes plan on all metals produced by stamping directly without re-machining of any kind

The period 1998 - 1999

The period 1998 - 1999 has been marked by the expansion of the factory which brings us to this day 2900 m2 covered. This was done in order to improve productivity and working conditions by reorganizing our internal workshops.

May 13, 2004

May 13, 2004, was created a holding.
The current manufacturing are always drilled rivets, solid rivets, tubes rivets and drop forged parts without recover.