Our products

LE RIVET FORE manufactures and supplies a complete range of specialized cold forged components.

Cold forming is based on the principle of deformation of materials within a few hundredths of a second: a plot (of identical mass to the final piece intended) is sheared and repressed by several successive strikes which will give its final desired shape.

SchemaThis method follows the structure of the material because the fibers are not cut. This leads to a greater strength of the piece, without loss of material, and the price is more competitive compare with turned parts.

Our production range includes:

We realize additional operations, such as annealing, finishing or polishing. All heat treatments or surface treatments are sub-contracted to specialized and qualified suppliers.

Brass semi-tubular rivets for brake lining   Stainless semi-tubular rivets for snap fastener
Purses armature, punching pliers, wheels   Strap buckle, snap fastener, couplin grasp
Stainless semi-tubular rivets for strap buckle truck   Steel semi-tubular for wheels
Steel solid rivets for punching pliers   Balls for purses
Coating cutter   Rivets for Laguiole knifes