Semi-tubular Rivets (Drilled rivets/bored rivets)


A rivet is a permanent fastener manufactured according to the principle of cold striking.

The semi tubular rivet is a solid rivet which undergoes an additional step when typing, with the creation of a deeper or shallower cylindrical hole on the opposite side of the head which may be round, flat or countersinked or special on plane . Drilling allows to assemble all parts by deforming its end (snapping) while controlling the effort to make and leaves the opportunity for an intermediate assembly piece, to articulate around it. The shear strength is very important.


Requires access to 2 both sides.
Install rivets require a die and a riveting die (rolled or star) corresponding to its diameter, with a
simple manual press or automatic machine.


Automotive, Industrial, Construction, Medical, garden furniture, Army, Plumber, cutlery...


  • Steel semi tubular rivets
  • Aluminum semi tubular rivets
  • Stainless steel semi tubular rivets
  • Brass semi tubular rivets
  • Copper Semi tubular rivets

On request, we can supply all our productions with a nickel or zinc plating or chromate-treated or stabilization annealing finish etc.

We can study any form heads on drawings.

White zing semi tubular rivets, Brass semi tubular rivets , Painted in black and white semi tubular rivets   Brass semi tubular rivets
Stainless steel rivets drilled grasshoppers   Steel semi tubuar rivets


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