Hammer drive rivets SIM (SIM assembly rivets)


This rivet is formed of a semi tubular rivet (female) and a solid rivet SIM (male) of compatible material.
The assembly is done by pressing strenghly the solid rivet in the drilling of semi tubuar rivet

until the immobilization of workpieces.

The assembled parts on both sides have the same appearance (cutlery rivets).

The hammer drive rivet SIM ® is mainly used in combination with a semi tubular rivet with deep drilling to obtain a perfectly symmetrical assembly.
The hammer drive rivet SIM ® form the male part and the semi tubular rivet form the female part.

The heads of two rivets are identical and marked with a hollow point for identification.


  • Thickness to assemble
  • Impossible to deform the assembly without damaging the assembly.
  • Access from both sides.
  • Posed by traditional tool (hammer) and grip, manual press to automated equipment.
  • The length of the female rivet will be defined based on the thickness to be joined


Hammer drive rivets -SIM in tempered case-hardened steel, stainless 304CU.


Maintain identification plate or any other specific assemblies.

Standard finish

  • Nickel plating.

On request, we can supply all our productions unplated, zinc plating or brass plated finish.

Nickel-plated brass hammer drive rivets for socket connection   Hammer drive rivets


Download the description HAMMER DRIVE RIVETS-SIM PDF