Solid rivets


A rivet is a permanent fastener manufactured according to the principle of cold striking.

The solid rivet is in the form of a solid cylindrical rod, provided at one of its ends with a "head" which can be round, flat or countersunk or special plan. Its length is adjusted to the thickness of the assembly: If it is too short, the assembly will be impossible and if it is too long, the size of the head exceeding, will make the assembly more fragile.

It can be manufactured in various metals. The metal chosen will depend on the expected strength of but also on the materials to assemble


The elements to be riveted must be pre-drilled in order to allow the insertion of the rivet shank. The end of the shank is flattened and enlarged by crushing, to secure the elements you want to fix together: this is the principle of riveting.


Automotive, Industrial, Construction, Medical, garden furniture, Army, Plumber, cutlery, etc.


  • Steel solid rivets,
  • Aluminium solid rivets,
  • Stainless solid rivets,
  • Brass solid rivets,
  • Cooper solid rivets

On request we deliver all our production of solid rivets with a nickel or zinc coating or chromate treated or stabilization annealing finish, etc.

Cooper solid rivets   Steel zing plated solid rivets, Brass solid rivets, Brass solid rivets
Steel solid rivets   Cooper solid rivets


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