Stepped rivets (shoulder rivets/drop forged pieces)


A rivet is a permanent fastener manufactured according to the principle of cold striking.

The stepped rivet is a semi tubular or solid rivet backed which undergoes one or more additional steps of stamping when striking.

Stamping is the deformation of a piece of metal “lopin” * passin (successively) in a plurality of dies and strikes with a punch to obtain the desired shape of the part.

* Lopin: length of metal required for the manufacture of a workpiece


The stepped rivet is specifically used for articulating two pieces (ex: pizza wheel).


Automotive, Industrial, Construction, Medical, Furniture, Army, Plumber, Cutlery, etc.


  • Steel drope forged pieces
  • Aluminium drope forged pieces
  • Stainless steel drope forged pieces
  • Copper drope forged pieces

On request, we can supply all our products with a nickel or zing coating or chromate treatedd or stabilization annealing finish (stress relieving) etc.

Drope forged pieces   Drope forged pieces    
Drope forged pieces   Stepped semi tubular rivets, Stepped solid rivet   Drope forged pieces